The details are not the details, they make the design - Charles Eames


Create strong designs with less, that’s what I strive for in my work. My name is Emeline Vogelzang, freelance designer with a passion for simplicity and details. I’m based in Amsterdam, where I have worked for 2 years at a renowned web agency and where I have completed a Bachelor degree in Communication Studies and a Master degree in International Development Studies.

Out of love and a passion for web design I started The Basics in the beginning of 2013. I believe that every brand needs a set of basics to kick off — a design, a website, that effectively communicates its personality. In my work, I consider the latter as my highest priority, which I believe can be achieved by closely involving your clients in the process.

The Basics stands for clean, responsive web design that is basic in essence, while creative in detail. I'm always in for new projects and love to think about new concepts, so feel free to contact me any time.

+31 (0)6 51 96 03 61